"Malaurie's precise, clear directions ensure deep work and profound safety. Thank you." -- Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of the Invitation

Malaurie Barber, CMT,  certified Khalsa Way Pregnancy Teacher; Cranio-sacral therapist, sensory re-patterning practitioner, somatic and intuitive relational coach, and Reiki Level III practitioner. 

With more than 600 hours of training from the Institute of Spycho-Structural Balancing in Culver City, the International Professional School of Body Work in San Diego and The Upledger Institute, Malaurie's sessions are a blend of deep tissue, sensory re-patterning , cranio-sacral unwinding and energy work She is also trained in structural integration (Rolfing), acupressure and reflexology. Malaurie thrives through her touch and guided techniques to help you attain the deepest healing your body, mind and soul are yearning for.  Malaurie has been practicing in Orange County for over 10 years.

‚ÄčMalaurie Barber 

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