Kerem Brule

​Kerem Brulé is a sacred sound musician from San Diego creating live layered soundscapes to support transformation, relaxation and peace. Check out all her work with intentional sound and music performance at

Malaurie Barber

ForrestYoga Certified Teacher, Kundalini and Khalsa Way Pregnancy Certified Teacher; Energy Healer and Certified Massage Therapist.

​Malaurie was raised in Paris, France and was introduced at a very young age to meditation, eastern philosophy and healing. She moved to the United States 19 years ago and lived in Maryland for 11 years before moving to California 11 years ago.
She earned her Hatha Yoga certification by studying with Ana Forrest 12 years ago  and went on shortly after to study Kundalini and Pregnancy Yoga with Gurmukh.

Malaurie also works as a massage therapist and transformational life coach and specializes in Cranio sacral Therapy, Energy Work,  Deep Tissue Massage and somatic work (See Wellness page for more info)

​Malaurie's style of yoga is a blend between Forrest Yoga and Vinyasa flow yoga. She puts a strong emphasizes on the breath and body alignment while incorporating meditation and awareness of the body in every pose. Her classes are often accompanied by Up beat and meaningful music and she does not shy away from playing the likes of The Black Eye Peas, Jason Mraz, India Arie while mixing in more deeply meditative tunes such as Snatnam Kaur, Donna de Lory or Deva Premal.

Malaurie's first yoga DVD - Not Your Every Day Yoga: Journey Into Inner Strength - came out in December 2012.

​Malaurie's thoughts on yoga: "Before I found yoga I was sleep walking through life. Yoga woke me up, gave me back my breath and awareness of my own body. I became mind, body and soul instead of being an empty shell running trough life living only in the past and the future. I became able to be in the present and experience the moment. It is what I hope to bring to my students in every class I teach; an awareness and ability to remain present as they move from one pose to another, to experience their breath and quiet their minds. And of course having a good time is the cherry on top."

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​​Lynda McCloskey 

Lynda has drawn upon the many wisdom practices  that have helped her cultivate her own innate nature, which is to be a compassionate presence of love.  Her offerings of Cranio Sacral, Massage, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Reiki, and Comfort Touch for the Dying are all vehicles for this presence.   Lynda supports others to feel safe as they drop deeper within themselves to resource from their own internal wisdom.  Her background studies include Sacred Movement, Non-dualism, Shamanism, Taoism, Kundalini Yoga, Moving Theater, Turning the Wheel Inner City Community Dance Program, and the beloved teachings that come from family, friend and all her relations. 

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​Malaurie Barber