​Malaurie Barber 

Yoga Retreats for everyone

"She helped me so much. I had problems with my leg where it was painful to walk.  The knot in my leg made life so miserable, I had tried so many people and so many different types of treatments to try to get relief from the pain. Malaurie and I worked together for a while and she used different types of massage treatments on me. I am happy to say it has been a couple of years since I have had any pain. I really believe she is a skilled healer.”  - Chris Kennedy

 “I have been going to Malaurie for massages for about two years. I am 68 year old accountant and I have a posture defect from bending over my work for many years.  I also suffer from increasing arthritis in my knees and pain in my lower legs. Malaurie has been very helpful in improving my quality of life by lessening my pain.  I hardily recommend her massages.” - Tricia Showalter

“Intuition and magic hands! These are the gifts that Malaurie brings to each session. Instinctively she finds the trouble spots and loosens the knots. I trust her and highly recommend her. Plus, she makes me laugh!” Carol Wheeler

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