​Malaurie Barber 

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Testimonial Oriah, Mountain Dreamer. Author of the Invitation

Students Testimonials

"Malaurie's presence, heart and humour make working with her a joy. Malaurie's precise, clear directions ensure deep work and profound safety." Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of the Invitation.

Testimonial Larisa Stow

“I approach every session differently, whether you are a weekly or a first time client.

Everyone’s body is different and everyone’s therapeutic/healing needs change daily if not hourly.” MB

"I met Malaurie Barber through Shakti Tribe and our mutual friend. I have experienced her inspirational and enlightening teaching as a student, a cofacilitator and while adding musical support for her classes and retreats. As a person Malaurie is deeply caring and compassionate, zany and down to earth. These positive qualities bring both depth and lightness to her teaching which has contributed to building her large following. I am always honored and deeply fed to serve and support Malaurie professionally and personally." Larisa Stow, Shakti Tribe.